Day 1: The Urban Walking Marathon Begins!

Just a quick introduction: I am Andrea, Dr. Monica’s identical twin in Switzerland. I will be keeping her blog and website updated as much as possible while she makes this amazing trek! (She is absolutely AMAZING, but she can’t walk 150 miles AND keep her blog and FB pages updated every hour!!)

Please note that DONATIONS ARE STILL WELCOME!! Even just a few bucks could feed, well, a few “bucks” = male animals of various species…

Would you like to help?



5:55 a.m: . Los Angeles Zoo

Information sign on the back of the RV

Starting point: L.A. Zoo. We’ve attached a sign about the trek onto the back of the
Cruise America RV.

Thanks so much to
Karen Aasen-Rodriguez for coming to see me off and wish me luck! That was so very thoughtful of you!!

And there she goes!!!

This a map of where Dr. Monica is going today. That’s long way to walk!!
All set!
“I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect morning to start!” 6:21 am

3 thoughts on “Day 1: The Urban Walking Marathon Begins!”

  1. Go Dr Metzdorf!! After this you’ll be ready for the pilgrim walk of the Camino de Santiago. Very inspired by your dedication.

    Liked by 1 person

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