Day 7: Itinerary, map, thoughts and concerns

5:30 am “I’m not really photogenic in the morning! That’s why I like all the photos with masks and hat and sunglasses!!!

Slept well after a long soak and food, and this morning I am feeling cautiously optimistic. I have some concerns about my left shin. My forefoot blister looks worse but it doesn’t bother me now. It is healing and turning more to a blood blister/hematoma at base of toes. This might be why my left shin has developed the really bad shin splints. I think I may have been shifting weight to compensate. Fortunately, the shin splints are only on the left leg.

Dr. Monica, 5:00am Day 7 –May 15

I think the problem yesterday was that I was on a bike trail where I could not easily meet up with Bill for breaks in the RV. I had gotten into such a great rhythm the previous days of stopping every 3 miles to powder down my feet, change socks, put my legs up, eat and re-hydrate with Gatorade.
Yesterday I was on the road for 9 miles without any of that: I believe the frustration and eagerness to make up the lost time just led to a cascade of cramping and exhaustion.

The expectations for today: after some advice from a friend who is a long-distance running coach in Thailand, I will be I will be taking teeny tiny baby steps…. “Ultrarunners have some slogans: “Start slow then taper off” and “relentless forward progress, one foot at time”  –Karl Kunz

Today the overall mileage on the map is much shorter, but my pace will be SLOW AND STEADY –reminiscent of Captain Tom – I just wish I had his walker for support – by the end of today I might need to buy one!

Dr. Monica 6am Day 7 May 15

Here is the map route plan for today. Hopefully with lots of breaks and no major changes!!

Day 6: Oh so good to be in Carlsbad

5:05pm Arrival in Carlsbad! 15.5 miles today!

Well you can’t keep her down for long! Pretty much right after I posted the photo of her lying down with ice packs, she was already up again — taping her shins and ready to take on the last leg of today’s revised itinerary: Camp Pendleton Main Gate to Carlsbad: the last 4.5 miles of the day!

Here she is — slowly but VERY determined to get to Carlsbad!

In her own words:

See the map below for how this difficult day actually progressed.
I definitely got quite a lot of mileage walked — just not all in a continuous line!!
I am SO GLAD to have Bill close by for situations like today!
Things could have ended in disaster without this incredible man watching out for me!

Monica, May 14th

Photos from the road before: Camp Pendleton Main Gate to Oceanside:

Another hotel with bath tonight and tomorrow we head to San Marcos!! Thanks to all of you for your healing thoughts and prayers! And to everyone who has made a donation today!

Sun setting on Day 6; helicopters from Pendleton

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Day 6: Plan B for “Bummer”

Well, out of an abundance of caution due to signs like this on the ground:

and like this overhead:

Dr. Monica backtracked 4.1 miles, leaving her at 10:00 am with a total of 9.1 miles to be back exactly where she was at 6:42am:

Lunch break, short siesta and a new plan.

After lunch Siesta..

Bill drove Monica onto the Base, they found safe roads for her to walk on and she is going to try to make her way through the base to the Main Gate.

She’s a real ninja. Took time to check out the Obstacle Course.


Not the straight through route but much nicer and more peaceful!

Reggie found a friend on the Camp Pendleton Base!

Day 6: Stunning Beauty and Stunned Disappointment

7:12 am Bike trail to Las Pulgas Gate

7:50 am Fitbit says I’ve gone about 4.5 miles so far.

After walking about 5.5 miles: Oooops trail closed ?? Someone rolled the orange fencing back, does that mean it’s OK??

Message from Bill:

Rather than risk running into a live fire exercise on Pendleton, Monica turned around & is walking back to the Ranger station where I dropped her off. I’ll pick her up & drive her to the Las Pulgas gate. (She will still have put in her 10+ miles, just not completely in one direction! ) :-/

The ranger we spoke to at the trail head said that the trail will take you all the way to San Diego… He may not have been aware that the trail halfway to Las Pulgas Gate was closed and/or failed to mention that getting there would involve trespassing on government property!

Bill Metzdorf
Keeping Monica safe is primary & the roads on the base aren’t safe for her to walk!
We could also have her run the obstacle course before continuing her journey to Oceanside!

9:45am 8 miles Monica just texted and sent this video:

The path here is certainly worth walking twice, especially on such a gorgeous day, but I am a bit disappointed. Also I’m just hurting a bit more today with the shin splints- would’ve met up with Bill at least once by now to drink Gatorade and rub down with my magic muscle spasm potion. I have food and water- that’s not an issue. Just the other “luxuries” I’m missing right now!

Dr. Monica

10:07 am “Just made it back to where Bill dropped me off.! He is not here yet but I have a place to sit in the shade!”

Day 6: Before Sunrise…

6 am — Start from San Onofre State Beach very cool morning

The sun is rising…

6:34 am Precarious walking in traffic around the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. So grateful that Bill is here to support me in tricky situations like these!

6:42 am Hopefully this bike route will take me all the way to the gate! Taking quick break while I have Bill here- because I will now go on a bike path and he has to go around to get to the gate.

Another gorgeous morning!

Day 5: Introducing the Twin in Switzerland

Hi Everyone — since I have been commenting, sharing, reacting and replying on and off on Monica’s FB page as well as writing a lot of this blog in her name, I thought I might make a video introducing myself and my role in this project.

Part 1: These videos gives a whole new meaning to the concept of EYE-SHADOW!!

Part 2: Creating the Itinerary Maps!

Part 3: How I input the videos and post to FB

(It’s about 10 minutes long, so you might not want to watch the whole thing, but it gives you and idea of how I am keeping busy on this project!)

Just FYI — Computers are not really my thing — so if you are a computer wizard, please don’t laugh too hard at my video!!
I am a dog trainer and an artist: just learning by doing and doing the best I can to keep everyone updated while my amazing twin treks through southern California on foot!

Lily and me!

Just once again, neither Monica nor Bill nor I are taking money for this project. Everything donated will be split between the L.A. Zoo, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Every donation great or small adds up to help take care of these animals (IMHO they are in sort of a “double” lock down and really need our help.)

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Every small amount can add up to feed a lot of animals in need!!