About Dr. Monica and Contact

Monica Metzdorf is a 53-year old Pediatric Urologist in Los Angeles.

She is passionate about her work and devotes her time to helping make the lives of children better. Her young patients call her “Dr. Monica”.

She has other passions too: a tremendous  love of animals, fish and wildlife. This was one of the reasons she chose to get her BSc Degree in Wildlife and Fish Conservation Biology at University of California, Davis before starting medical school.

During her Medical School and Residency  at the University of San Diego Medical Center, she became a member of the San Diego Zoo, to continue to support animal conservation work.

Despite choosing to pursue human medicine over veterinary medicine, her passion for wildlife has never wavered.

Dr. Monica Metzdorf would love to hear from you! You can send her an email at:

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Dr. Monica would like nothing more than to help
ALL the animals world-wide!


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