Donations Map

100% of the money collected from docwalks4animals is being donated to a zoo or aquarium in dire need of help!


The red dots indicate zoos and aquariums where donations have been sent so far. If you don’t see your hometown zoo or aquarium listed and marked with a red dot on the map, donate something to them!  See here for a list of WAZA and AZA-Accredited Insititutions where you can send donations.

Then send us an E-mail telling us the name of the zoo, aquarium or other animal care institution where you sent a donation.  We will put a dot on the map to mark the donation and list your first name, last initial, amount and location of your donation. If you prefer, donate here and we will make the donation for you and credit you on the map. 

Several others have already given to the “Pay It Forward” campaign – thank you Robin, Jim & Danielle, Andrea & Martin and Annemarie! has donated $100 to each of the following zoos and aquariums:

Private and International Donations

Charles S. has donated:
$100.00 to the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury, Laos.

Maureen J. has donated:
$25.00 to the Oakland Zoo in
Oakland, CA

Robin H. has donated:

$100.00 to the L.A. Zoo
in Los Angeles, CA
$100.00 to Safari West in Santa Rosa, CA
$50.00 to Lewa Conservancy Kenya
$100.00 to the Petaluma Wildlife Museum  in Petaluma,CA

Jim T. has donated:
$50.00 to Keystone Safari, Grove City PA

Danielle and Alex R. have donated:
$100.00 to the San Diego Zoo

Andrea & Martin D. have donated:
AUS$150 to the Mogo Wildlife Park, Mogo Australia

Annemarie B. has donated:
CHF 100.oo to the Tierpark Lange Erlen in Basel, Switzerland

Donation Goal Trackers for
Dr. Monica’s Walk
May 2nd – May 18th

Here is the first Giraffe goal tracker for Dr. Monica’s walk to help the Zoo and Aquarium animals. By the end of Dr. Monica’s second day and 45 miles logged of her approx. 130 mile trek, she reached her original collection goal of $7,500.00!! PLUS an additional $4’500 has now been fed to our hungry Seahorse tracker ! 🙂
These $12,000 was split 3 ways between the LA Zoo, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. ($4,000.00 each)

Not only was Dr. Monica successful in achieving her goal of walking 129 miles (207.6km) across 3 southern California counties, but thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, nearly doubled our original fundraising goal of $7,500, raising $14,345 so far.
Since this was originally a plan to raise money for Southern California, the lion’s share of the donations went to the 3 places where Dr. Monica walked, the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!– each receiving $4,000.


However, MANY more zoos and aquariums throughout the world need money too. And many of these are in worse shape than our main beneficiary institutions! The additional funds raised have allowed us to send donations of $100 each to 21 other institutions. See here

If this inspires you to donate, but you would prefer to give something directly to a zoo, aquarium or animal refuge close to you, PLEASE DO THAT!! Just note that the inspiration came from AND please send us a message about where and how much you donated so that we can add it to our donations map!
Dr. Monica would like nothing more than to help
ALL the animals world-wide!


Please click below to make a donation: