The Current Situation with Zoos and Aquariums

The Current Situation:

The COVID-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world in so many ways.  We see the number of cases and death toll rising daily,  and sadly as a physician, Dr. Monica has witnessed some of this suffering first-hand.

However, humans are not the only ones suffering from the effects of the lock down / stay at home orders. Zoo and aquarium animals depend on their institutions to provide for their basic needs even when no one comes to see them.

CBS Sunday just ran this report on Sunday 9 May.
This is why Dr. Monica started walking and why she can’t stop trying to help!

The walk is over, but Dr. Monica is now more than ever aware of the magnitude of the continuing need to support the Zoo and Aquarium Animals nationwide and even worldwide during this lock-down. Several donors – inspired by Dr. Monica’s walk – asked if they could instead donate locally to the institutions in their states/countries.

The New Idea and Request

Dr. Monica asks that each person reading this (in whatever city in the country or in the world) please share it with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to donate to their local zoo / aquarium / wildlife refuge.
Then have each person pop us an email ( about where to and how much they donated.
Or people can simply donate directly via Paypal or Venmo below and docwalks4animals will donate it for them.
We will put initials, tally amounts, and pin the city on an online map and track it on the website.

See the Donations Maps here!

Let’s get this movement off the ground and REALLY make a difference to more animals EVERYWHERE!

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Dr. Monica has set up a PayPal and a Venmo account and is hoping to raise whatever she can to feed the animals  of Zoos and Aquariums suffering financial hardships during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Dr. Monica would like nothing more than to help ALL the animals WORLDWIDE!

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Please click below to make a donation.

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